Rated Operating Voltage(V): Up to 690V
Rated Insulating Voltage(V): Up to 1000V
Rated Impulse withstand Voltage(kV): Up to 12kV
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Busbar Type: Pure Copper Bars, with 99,9% conductivity
Rated Current for Main Distribution Busbar(A): Up to
Conditional Short Circuit Current: Up to 100kA @ 0.2PF
Rated Short-time withstand Current: Up to 100 @ 1sec
Rated Short-time withstand Current: Up to 65 @ 3sec
Incoming Feeders: Up to 6300A
Distribution Feeders: Up to 6300A
Prospective Short Circuit Current: Up to 100kA @ 300ms
Ventilation: with Fan / Natural
Skid Base Height: Up to 100mm
Frame Thickness: Up to 2mm
Sheet Metal Material: AluZinc Steel, Electro Galvanized,
Stainless Steel
Surface Protection: Electrostatic Powder Coating / Epoxy
Ambient Temperature: 40°C
Relative Humidity: max. 50% at 40°C
Product Standard: IEC 61439 1-2, IEC 60529 IEC62262,
IEC 61641, IEC60068-3-3, IEC60068-2-57, IP65, IK10


  • Free Standing Indoor Type Panel
  • Free Standing Outdoor Type Panel
  • Surface Mounted Indoor Type Panel
  • Surface Mounted Outdoor Type Panel
  • Flush Mounted Indoor Type Panel


Metering panels are a kind of control panels that are very much
required for domestic as well as industrial purposes for the
measurement of the amount of power used up and the rate of
power consumption. The metering panels are the best
equipment that can easily be installed and can conveniently be
used for the processes of power consumption. These metering
panels are provided with anemometers and galvanometers for
the calculation of present incoming and output voltage


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Film & Drama Production Sets
  • Demolition
  • Emergency Services
  • Oil Refining
  • Sport Arenas
  • Agricultural