The quality and reliablity driven transformers gives you hassle free solutions. Wide range of custom transformers meet your exact requirements.  Demka Export with it’s profession offers you wide section of Transformers for your project.

Transformer Types

Transformer Types that we can offer. Please contact if any different type is needed.

  • Single Phase / Three Phase Oil filled transformers between 10-25 kVA
  • Distribution Transformers between 25-4000 kVA ( Conservator Tank or Hermetic or Box Type )
  • Power Transformers between 2500-25000 kVA
  • Grounding Transformers with NER
  • Transformers with on load tap changer /automatic voltage regulator
  • Auto transformers
  • Step-up / Step-down Power Transformers for power plant
  • Transformers with electrostatic shielding and transformers for earthing purposes
  • Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers
  • Electric ArcFurnice Transformers

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