Voltage Range: Up to 550 kV
Power Range: Up to 300 MVAr
Core: Gapped Core is generally used in shunt reactor. The core is constructed from Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel sheet to reduce hysteresis losses
Windings: The windings wound from copper.
ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural)
Tank: The main tank is often of bell tank type. Both the bottom tank and the bell tank are manufactured by steel sheets of suitable thickness. The steel sheets of suitable pieces are welded together to form both of the tanks. The tanks are designed and constructed to withstand full vacuum and positive pressure of one atmosphere.
Conservator: A conservator is provided at the top of the tank with the main tank to the conservator connecting pipeline of suitable diameter. The flexible separator between air and oil or air cell is provided in the conservator for the said purpose. The conservator tank is also equipped with a magnetic oil gauge to monitor the oil level in the reactor.
Product Standard: IEC 60076-7


  • Transmitter Systems
  • High Voltage Transmission Lines
  • Inductive Load Test Systems
  • Base Stations
  • Cable Systems
  • Laboratories, Hospitals, and Stores (Where Fluorescent and LED lighting is used frequently)


  • Cost-efficient solution for reactive power supply
  • Less purchase of reactive power
  • Reduced losses (line & connected equipment)
  • Increased active power capacity of the line
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Better network voltage control
  • Reduced reactive power loading of the grid
  • Compliance with contractual reactive power limits
  • Optimized reactive power compensation (VSR)