Voltage Range: Up to 110 kV line to line systems
Power Range: Up to 5000A
Ambient Temperature: Up to 55oC
Stainless-steel resistor elements (Resistance Alloy: Stainless-steel (CrNi or CrAl))
Current transformer (EN 61869-2)
Bolted resistor element connections
2mm Hot-dip galvanized steel enclosure
High thermal capacity to absorb high currents
High altitude ratings
Solid top cover sloped to prevent water accumulation
Product Standard: IEC 60137, IEC 60529, EN 10346


  • High-Resistance Neutral Grounding System
  • Neutral Resistor Monitoring System


  • Reduce the single-phase fault currents for securing each equipment in MV electrical networks,
  • Reduce the transient overvoltages which can occur during an earth fault, and be monitored and used to activate the earth fault relay
  • Increase the protection of generators, transformers, and related equipment
  • Reduced operation/maintenance costs
  • Increase safety
  • Provide simple, reliable, selective means of protection,
  • Allows the use of equipment, and in particular cables with lower insulation levels than for an insulated neutral scenario
  • Reduce the step voltage