Voltage Range: Up to 550 kV
Power Range: Up to 300 MVAr
Electromagnetic part of a three-phase or single-phase reactor
Magnetising system
Automatic control system
A MCSR can include the following additional elements:
A reserve phase of a single-phase reactor
An earthing reactor
A monitoring system
Process control signals and protective apparatus monitoring signals
A fire fighting system
Product Standard: IEC 60076-7


  • Voltage Stabilization
  • Transmission & Distribution Networks
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Railway Transmission Systems


  • Lower price
  • High operational safety
  • No need for powerful harmonic filters
  • Easy maintenance
  • No need for additional maintenance staff training
  • No need for water cooling of powerful thyristor valves
  • Service conditions similar to those of conventional transformer equipment