Voltage Range: Up to 20kV
Power Range: Up to 20MVA
Core: Step-lap cores made of M5, M4, or M3 sheet metal whose magnetic circuit is arranged gradually are used. Core and coils are fixed with stainless steel studs against the mechanical stress of short circuits.
Windings: The conductive material is a strip or plate made of copper. Coils; it is wound in multi-layered cylindrical or
overturned windings.
ONAF (Oil Natural and Air Forced Cooling)
ONAN(Oil Natural and Air Natural Cooling)


For ships or ports:

  • Lighting
  • Urgent need
  • Heating
  • Rectifier
  • Hospitals

Other application fields:

  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Elevators and Cranes
  • Neutral – sensitive machines with soil problems


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting (Compare to other transformers for marine using)
  • High Efficiency