Voltage Range: Up to 36kV
Power Range: Up to 2MVA
Core: Cold Rolled Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel
Windings: The windings may either be copper or aluminium upon the customer’s request.
Drying: The active parts of transformers are dried under a high vacuum in a furnace. The process of drying varies according to the transformer type, power, and voltage. Oil is filled under a high vacuum.
Tank: Tanks and top covers for transformers are made of mild steel. Cooling surfaces of distribution transformers are
constructed with corrugated walls and they also form the lateral surfaces of the tank. The bottom plate, sides, and frame are sealed by welding.
Product Standard: IEC 60076, ISO 9001:2008, EN 50216-4, BS EN 10025:2004


  • Isolated System Ground
  • Distribution Systems


  • The neutral potential of the system remains at or very close to the ground potential.
  • They limit the magnitude of the transient overvoltages that occur when an earth arc fault occurs for any reason.
  • They form a source for fault current in phase-earth faults.
  • They allow the connection of phase-neutral connected loads.
  • They form a measuring point to measure fault currents.
  • A grounding transformer also functions in case of an unbalanced load on the circuit.