Voltage Range: Up to 231V
Power Range: Up to 400kVA
Core: Cold Rolled Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel
Windings: Autotransformer has only one single voltage winding which is common to both sides. The windings are wound from aluminium or copper upon the customer’s request.
Drying: The active parts of transformers are dried under a high vacuum in a furnace. The process of drying varies according to the transformer type, power, and voltage. Oil is filled under a high vacuum.
Product Standard: EN 61558-2-13


  • Distribution Systems (Compensating voltage drops by boosting supply voltage)
  • Autotransformers with a number of tapping are used for starting induction and synchronous motors.
  • The Laboratory or where continuous variables over broad ranges are required (Autotransformer is used as variac)


  • The Autotransformer is smaller in size and cheaper.
  • The Autotransformer has higher efficiency than two winding transformers.
  • The Autotransformer has better voltage regulation as voltage drop in resistance and reactants of the single winding is less.