Air Insulated Modular Type Medium Voltage Switchgear:
A switchgear assembly completely enclosed on all sides and
top with sheet metal (except for ventilating openings and
inspection windows) containing primary power circuit
switching or interrupting devices, or both, with buses and
connections. This switchgear offers high personal and
operating safety, optimal availability, secure engineering
easy operation and high efficiency with low life cycle costs.
Units are Modular Extensible Air-insulated metal-enclosed
switchgear, designed for supplying sustainable energy,
protecting electrical equipment in secondary distribution


Rated Voltage (kV): Up to 36kV
Rated Main Bus Current (A): Up to 1250A
Rated Main Feeder Current (A): Up to 1250A
Short Time Rated Withstand Current: 25kA – 1sec
Product Standard: IEC 62271-200
** Air Insulated Modular Type Medium Voltage Switchgear
can product with SF6 Gas Insulated or Vacuum Insulated
Circuit Breakers according to the customer’s request.


  • Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Power Plant (SPP,HPP,REPP,GPP)
  • Infrastructure and Construction Sector
  • Industrial plan


  • Easy installation and convenience for both sides due to
    modular design.
  • The possibility of faulty opening/closing is eliminated by
    means of mechanical interlocks.
  • The cubicles type cubicles are suitable for equipping
    equipment for remote monitoring and control.
  • Reliable Switching in SF6 Gas
  • Ease of Transport and Storage
  • Different Feeder Combinations According to Customer’s