Rated Operating Voltage(V): Up to 690V
Rated Insulation Voltage(V):
Up to 1000V
Rated Impulse withstand Voltage(kV):
Up to 12kV
Rated Frequency:
50/60 Hz
Busbar Type:
Pure Copper Bars, with 99,9% conductivity
Rated Current for Main Distribution Busbar(A):
Up to 6300A
Conditional Short Circuit Current:
100kA @ 0.2PF
Rated Short-time withstand Current:
100kA @ 1sec
Rated Short-time withstand Current:
65kA @ 3sec
Incoming Feeders:
Up to 6300A
Distribution Feeders:
Up to 6300A
Form of Separation:
Up to 4b
with Fan / Natural
Frame Thickness:
Up to 2mm
Sheet Metal Material:
AluZinc Steel, Electro Galvanized, Stainless Steel
Surface Protection:
Electrostatic Powder Coating / Epoxy
Panel Mounting:
Free Standing only
Ambient Temperature:
Relative Humidity:
max. 50% at 40°C
Product Standard:
IEC 61439 1-2, IEC 60529 IEC62262, IEC 61641, IEC60068-3-3, IEC60068-2-57


Fixed Type

  •    Direct On-line
  •    Star/Delta
  •    Soft Starter Unit
  •    Variable Speed Drive
  •    Auto Transformers

Draw-out Type

  •    Direct On-line
  •    Star/Delta
  •    Feeder


MCC Panels are panels that provide automatic or manual, remote or close control of motors, pumps, fans. It is the type of panel used in multi-motor drives in the facilities.
A motor control center (MCC) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units. Motor control centers are in modern practice a factory assembly of several motor starters.
The Motor Control Center is a combination of motor starters, power feeders, and interlocking relays in a modular enclosure.
MCC panels are a compact solution allowing for better
control, design, and safe electrical system with its most
advanced technology for drawer units “IDS system”.


  • Production Lines
  • Factories
  • Smart Buildings
  • Treatment Plants
  • Pumping Stations