Rated Operating Voltage(V): Up to 690V
Rated Insulating Voltage(V): Up to 1000V
Rated Impulse withstand Voltage(kV): Up to 12kV
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Busbar Type: Pure Copper Bars, with 99,9% conductivity
Rated Current for Main Distribution Busbar(A): Up to
Conditional Short Circuit Current: Up to 100kA @ 0.2PF
Rated Short-time withstand Current: Up to 100 @ 1sec
Rated Short-time withstand Current: Up to 65 @ 3sec
Incoming Feeders: Up to 6300A
Distribution Feeders: Up to 6300A
Prospective Short Circuit Current: Up to 100kA @ 300ms
Form of Separation: Up to 4b
Ventilation: with Fan / Natural
Skid Base Height: Up to 300mm
Frame Thickness: Up to 2mm
Sheet Metal Material: AluZinc Steel, Electro Galvanized,
Stainless Steel
Surface Protection: Electrostatic Powder Coating / Epoxy
Panel Mounting: Free Standing Only
Ambient Temperature: 40°C
Relative Humidity: max. 50% at 40°C
Product Standard: IEC 61439 1-2, IEC 60529 IEC62262,
IEC 61641, IEC60068-3-3, IEC60068-2-57, IP65, IK10


Control and Automation Panel is a feeding system known as the
main electrical cycle for any commercial building or a house.
After the main cable comes to the automation panel system, it
is transferred to the next circuits and dispersed by the breakers.
Every device at this point must have a proper power distribution
in order to give the best performance. In this way, it becomes
possible to distribute electricity correctly.
Automation panels combine the functions of a programmable
controller and operator interface into a single unit.


  • Power Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution Substations
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants


  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC Panel)
  • Scada / RTU Panel (Scada / Remote Terminal Unit)
  • Automation Control Centers (ACS)
  • HV / MV Secondary Protection & Control Panel