Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000V
Busbar Short-circuit withstand Capacity:Up to 100KA for 1sec
Main Busbars Rated: Up to 6300A
Neutral and Earth Busbars Rated: Up to 100% of the main busbar


  • Change-over Switches
  • Breaker Type Switches (MCCB or ACB)
  • Parallel Operating
  • Bypass Operating


An automatic transfer switch is an electromechanical a separator that allows switching electrical loads between two different sources. It is a device used to switch the power supply from the main line to the emergency line in order to minimize the problems caused by faulty conditions in the public grid. The transfer switch plays an important role in keeping critical electrical loads functional during power outages. An automatic transfer switch is the safest way to connect a backup power source to your home or facility. It makes the transition in the fastest and most reliable way.


  • Industries
  • Commercial infrastructure
  • Power stations