For 220V Welding Generator
Power Range (kVA): from 16kVA up to 30kVA
For 380V Welding Generator
Power Range (kVA): from 18kVA up to 35kVA
Frequency(Hz): 50Hz
Fuel Type: Diesel


Welder generator creates power for welding without reliance on
mains electricity. Fulling up the fuel tank process is the same as
a regular generator, and the welder generator will power your
welding equipment wherever you need it. The welding generator
driven by diesel is used for welding purposes where the electric
power supply is erratic or non-existent. Welding Generators
create a steady and continuous power supply that can be used
for powering standard electrical tools and equipment. Welder
generators have become essential equipment for onshore,
offshore, construction sites, farms, industry, and more.