Prime Power Range (kVA): from 4kVA up to 990kVA
Prime Power Range (kW): from 4kW up to 792kW
Frequency(Hz): 50Hz
Canopy Colour: Optional
Fuel Type: Diesel/Gas
ATS Panel: Optional
Synchronization Panel: Optional


The marine generator is not much different than any
generator. A marine generator is typically powered by diesel
or gasoline to produce energy that is converted to electrical
energy inside the generator. This electricity can then be used
to power various appliances and equipment inside a boat.
From fishing boats to yachts; marine generators have a large
application area.
Marine generators are designed to survive the harsh and
wet environment of the boat. This requires different design
techniques on the outside and alternative components on the
inside. Many marine generators may utilize hydraulic pump
systems, use more durable material, and have other features
that make them more efficient for life on a boat.