Stand-by Power Range (kVA): from 12kVA up to 3000kVA
Stand-by Power Range (kW): from 9,60kW up to 2400kW
Prime Power Range (kVA): from 11kVA up to 2750kVA
Prime Power Range (kW): from 8,80kW up to 2200kW
Frequency(Hz): 50Hz
Canopy: Optional
Fuel Type: Diesel
ATS Panel: Optional
Synchronization Panel: Optional


A diesel generator utilizes a diesel engine and electric
generator to generate electrical energy. Liquid fuels or natural
gas are usually used as the primary fuel of the diesel generator.
Totally, a diesel generator works based on air compression and
fuel. First, the air is blown into the generator until it is
compressed. Subsequently, the proper fuel of the diesel
generator is injected. The combination of air compression and
subsequent injection of the fuel will contribute to generating
the heat that triggers the inflammation of the fuel. In this way,
the diesel generator starts combustion and causes the generator
to start up. Thus the generator starts to produce the necessary
electrical energy to be distributed according to the needs of the
MG (loads) connected to the diesel generator.


  • Commercial Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Power Plants
  • Mining