Explosion proof lighting is a type of fixture that may be exposed to specific elements, such as chemicals, gases, or extreme heat, and is meant to prevent the fixture from exploding as a result of being exposed to these harsher circumstances and surroundings.


  • High luminous efficiency
  • Less power consumption-energy saving
  • Long service life-maintenance-free
  • Strong safety
  • Conducive to environmental protection


  • Chemistry Plants
  • Paint Plants
  • Oil Storage Facility
  • Energy Plant
  • Harbour and Shipyard
  • Oil Filling Plants
  • Industrial Areas
  • Fuel-Oil Station and Gasoline Storage
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Spray Finishing Areas
  • Aircraft Hangars


  • Ex-Proof Luminaries
  • Ex-Proof Floodlight
  • Ex-Proof High-bay Luminaries
  • Ex-Proof LED Canopy Luminaries
  • Ex-Proof Spotlight
  • Ex-Proof Portable Lighting Fixtures
  • Ex-Proof Emergency, Warning and Signal Lighting

Ex-Proof Luminaries

Ex-Proof fluorescent lighting fixtures can be safely use in area of high explosion risk zones and dangerous gas and dust using

Ex-Proof Floodlights

Explosion-proof floodlight provides the greatest protection for facilities that store, refine, or manufacture combustible,
flammable, or ignitable materials. The long-lasting and robust electrostatic surfacing is applied to the heavy-duty, anodized
die-cast shell. This extra protection prevents overvoltage and heating, as well as the build-up of electrostatic energy.


Ex-Proof High-Bay

Ex-proof high-bay luminaries are tempered glass fixtures that can withstand impact. It’s utilized in places like refineries, fuelling stations, chemical plants, and cosmetics manufacturers where there’s a significant risk of explosion. It delivers
illumination from various angles thanks to its angle-adjustable mounting brackets.

Ex-Proof Canopy Luminaires

Ex-proof canopy fixtures are fringe lightings that are placed at industrial locations, such as fuel stations, chemical plants,
harbour and shipyards, oil filling plants, and so on, to protect them from harsh and dangerous environments such as rain, snow, dust.

Ex-Proof Spotlights

Explosion-proof spotlight is a lighting fixture designed to protect against the ignition of various environmental factors by
unconstrained sparks. Explosion-proof designs separate the internal electrical reactions of a light fixture from external fumes or hazardous materials.

Ex-Proof Portable Lighting Fixtures

Ex-proof portable lighting is a lighting fixture that can be picked up, relocated, or plugged in with or without an electrical outlet when the working environment is harsh and dangerous.


Ex-Proof Emergency Warning and Signal Lighting

Ex-proof emergency lighting refers to light sources that are battery-backed or otherwise independently powered and are meant to turn on when a power loss causes low visibility in the workplace. Many workplace standards also demand that emergency lights be installed.