Explosion-proof cable glands are ideal for use in potentially explosive environments, allowing direct insertion of armoured and non-armoured cables into explosion-proof junction boxes and/or lighting fixtures, plugs and sockets, and so on: Ex-proof metallic cable glands with compression rings, metallic barrier cable glands, non-armoured cable plastic cable glands, and other uses.


  • Less power consumption-energy saving
  • Long service life-maintenance-free
  • Strong safety
  • Conducive to environmental protection


  • Chemistry Plants
  • Paint Plants
  • Oil Storage Facility
  • Energy Plant
  • Harbour and Shipyard
  • Oil Filling Plants
  • Industrial Areas
  • Fuel-Oil Station and Gasoline Storage
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Spray Finishing Areas
  • Aircraft Hangars


  • Ex-Proof Brass Cable Glands
  • Ex-Proof Stainless Steel Cable Glands
  • Ex-Proof Plastic Cable Glands
  • Ex-Proof Pressure Equalisation and Drain Plug
  • Ex-Proof Blind Plug

Ex-Proof Brass Cable Gland

Brass cable glands, when combined with appropriate sealing inserts, have a working temperature range of up to -60°C to +140°C. When using armoured or shielded cables, a metallic cable gland that is appropriate for the cable type must always be utilized. Only metal cable glands are suitable for flame-proof applications. Brass glands provide high corrosion resistance when combined with a nickel surface. Metallic cable glands have a much longer service life than plastic in situations with a lengthy service life. Only metal glands provide continuous EMC protection in measurement and control technologies, where attemption must be reduced.

Ex-Proof Stainless Steel Cable Gland

Stainless steel cable glands are used where uncompromising resistance to environmental impacts is required. Stainless steel is required when salt water or chemical atmospheres might harm the products, such as in the chemical industry or on offshore platforms, due to its superior corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the material is utilized in situations where contamination of the product, on the one hand, should be prevented as much as feasible or, on the other hand, cleaning should be made as
simple as possible. Stainless steel is also well suited for this application due to its surface roughness.


Ex-Proof Plastic Cable Gland

Plastic cable glands provide good resistance for salt water and hazardous areas. Their weights are much lighter compared to a metal versions. Plastic cable glands are user-friendly and easy to install. Therefore, plastic cable glands are used where
compactness and low weight are required in conjunction with good economy.

Ex-Proof Pressure Equalisation and Drain Plug

Pressure equalisation and drain plug elements for use in explosion protection are available in polyamide, brass and stainless steel. They can be used in a temperature range from -50°C to +150°C.


Ex-Proof Blind Plug

Blind plugs are used in the temperature range from -60°C to +130°C. It can be produced in brass and poly-amide. The blind plugs can be used in gas and dust atmospheres.