ACS cable with full name as Aluminium Clad Steel Wire
Stranded conductor is a composite Concentric-lay-stranded
conductors made of aluminium-clad steel wires.
The wires of the conductive layers could be made of hard-drawn
aluminium or of thermal aluminium alloy and they
have a rounded section.


Due to its excellent characteristics, this product is used
extensively in the cable industry for the manufacturing of
Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), conventional stranded earth
wired and steel-reinforced cores for phases conductors, all to be
used in overheads lines. Also, it can be used in alternative
applications as helical hardware for overhead lines or those
where corrosion resistance is an important factor.

According to ASTM B 416
According to IEC 61232, ACS 20 SA
According to DIN 48201 / 8 ACS 20 SA