Current Ratings (A):
Aluminium conductor series from 100A up to 225A
Copper conductor series from 100A up to 225A
Number of Conductors: 4 or 5
• Conductors are fully tin-plated
• Plug-in tap-off outlets at every 50 cm on both sides
• Steel enclosure
• Clean Earth option
Product Standard: IP55 Protection Class


  • Small enterprises
  • Local production areas in factories
  • Workshops
  • Textile facilities
  • Automotive facilities
  • Automotive sub-industries
  • Small-sized industrial facilities


  • Three-phase tap-off boxes with DIN mounted fuse
    holders (10×38 mm) up to 16A, 40A or 80A (empty or
    fuse included)
  • Three phase output boxes with 63A D02 plug fuse
    (empty or fuse included)
  • Tap off boxes with MCB (miniature circuit breaker)
    rated up to 16A (empty or including the circuit breaker)
  • 80A special Design Data Centre Tap-off boxes


  • Vertical, horizontal, and dilatation modules are solved
    with a single module. Horizontal or vertical rotations
    can be transferred at the desired angle. In addition, it can
    be used in the building passages thanks to its ability to
    stretch in all directions.
  • Busbar is offered as a standard with its two-letter stay and
    receiving current from 10 points.
  • When the busbar IP covers are open or when the covers
    are open in the exit off position (the system is IP class 2X),
    its security is ensured in a way that does not allow finger