Grounding(Earthing) systems connect particular portions of an electric power system to the ground often the Earth’s conductive surface for safety and functionality.
The selection of an earthing system might have an impact on the installation’s safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Regulations for earthing systems vary greatly between nations, however, most adhere to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s guidelines. Special circumstances for earthing in mines, patient care facilities, or dangerous regions of industrial operations may be identified by regulations.
Other systems, in addition to electric power systems, may require grounding for safety or function. Lightning rods may be used as part of a system to protect tall structures against lightning strikes. Telegraph lines can use the Earth as one of the circuit’s conductors, reducing the cost of installing a return wire across a lengthy route. Radio antennas may require special grounding to function properly, as well as to reduce static electricity and offer lightning protection.


  • Ensures the safety of electrical appliances and devices from the excessive amount of electric current.
  • Helps in the flow of electric current directly inside the ground.
  • Keeps the electric appliance safe from damage.
  • It protects building breakdown from lightning.


  • Residential Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Plants and Factories
  • Underground (Where the cabling is prevalent)
  • Hospitals and Laboratory Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Schools


  • Earthing Conductors
  • Equipotential Earth Bars
  • Earthing Electrodes
  • Earthing Rod Elements
  • Inspection Pits
  • Earthing Rod Clamps
  • Earth Points
  • Electrical Safety Equipments
  • Electrical Insulation Material
  • Conductor Connection Elements
  • Ground Enhancement Material
  • Earthing Resistance Test Devices
  • Conductor Connection Elements

Earthing Conductors

  • Mono Copper Conductor
  • Stranded Copper Conductor
  • CCA Conductor
  • Copper Tape Conductor
  • Galvanized Tape Conductor(Hot Dipped)
  • PVC Covered Copper Tape
  • Mono Aluminium Conductor
  • Mono Galvanized Conductor
  • Stranded Galvanized Conductor
  • Flexible Stranded Copper Conductor
  • Flexible Tape Copper Conductor

Equipotential Earth Bars

  • Equipotential Bar Flat Type
  • Equipotential Bar
  • Equipotential Bar With One Separator
  • Equipotential Bar With Two Separator
  • M6 Insulator
  • Special Insulator
  • Bar Box
  • Panel Earthing Clamp
  • Bar For Inspection Pit

Earthing Electrodes

  • Solid Copper Earthing Rode
  • Copper Plated Steel Earthing Rod
  • Copper Plated Steel Earthing Rod (250 Microns)
  • Earthing Plate
  • Earthing Mat
  • Earthing Grid
  • Angle Type Earthing Rode
  • Galvanized Steel Earthing Rode

Earthing Rod Elements

  • Rod Driving Stud
  • Rod Coupling Dowell
  • Rod Spike

Inspection Pits

  • Plastic Inspection Pit
  • Galvanized Inspection Pit
  • Concrete Inspection Pit

Earth Points

  • Earthing Terminal
  • Concrete Wall Flanges
  • Earth Boss
  • Earthing Point
  • Four Holes Earthing Point (Cable Welded)
  • Earthing Point Box

Electrical Safety Equipments

  • Danger Warning Plate
  • Active Lightning Conductor Warning Plate
  • Static Electric Plate
  • Static Electric Reel
  • Electronic Controlled Static Electric Reel

Electrical Insulation Material

Rotary switches are used for branch circuit protection of lighting, equipment and motor circuits in hazardous areas. They provide a disconnect means, short circuit protection, and thermal time delay overload protection.

Ground Enchantment Material

  • GEM Ground Enchantment Material
  • TDM Ground Enchantment Material
  • TDM Plus Ground Enchantment Material

Earthing Resistance Test Devices

  • 4105A – Earthing Resistance Test Device
  • ERT-S Earthing Resistance Test Device
  • ST2000 – Earthing Resistance Test Device

Conductor Connection Elements

  • Cable Clips
  • Flat Type Cable Connection Tube
  • Cable Lug
  • Bimetallic Cable Lug
  • Dilatation Clamp
  • Reinforcement Clamp (Type 2)
  • Reinforcement Clamp (Type 4)
  • Reinforcement Clamp (Type 5)
  • Parallel Joining Clamp
  • Split Bolt Clamp
  • Bimetallic Washer
  • Claw Type Clamp
  • C Clamp
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool
  • Dies Set
  • H Clamp
  • U Clamp
  • Practical Connection Clamp
  • Triangle T Clamp
  • Red Clamp
  • T Type Cable Connection Tube
  • Quad Type Cable Connection Tube
  • Square Clamp (Round Type)
  • Square Clamp (T Type)
  • Square Clamp (Quad Type)
  • Square Clamp (Tape-Tape Conductor)
  • Square Clamp (Tape-Round Conductor)
  • Square Clamp (Tape Conductor-Reinforcement)
  • Square Clamp (Round Conductor-Reinforcement)
  • Square Clamp (Tape-Round Conductor)